“Carla is one of those special people who has all the prerequisites and then on top of that, brings something extra and special to the table. She has a deep knowledge of the materials and is highly organized. Carla also has an innate sense of the creative potential for the materials and the patience and knowledge to create systems around the needs of the projects and the materials. Add her wonderful personality to her deep knowledge, intense creativity and ability to work with systems and you have someone who is a joy to work with.”  November 3, 2009

Jonas Everets, Owner/Creative Director , Jonas Everets Design

“Carla is a consumate professional, extrordinarily creative and passionate about her work. She is a pleasure to consult with.” September 13, 2009

Jodi Imburgia, Consultant for Marketing and Public Relations , Various Clients in Architecture and Design Community

“Carla is an extraordinary artist whose work has come to my attention as a result of the Manhattan Arts International art competitions. I have had the privilege to include her work in our online exhibitions. I am favorably impressed by her unique creative process and artistic vision. She is also a top ‘professional’ in every definition of the word.” September 1, 2009

Renee Phillips, Founder and Director, Editor-in-Chief , Manhattan Arts International

“Carla is a very talented artist who has showcased her art at my Day Spa for over 6 months. Together, we sponsored several viewing events with extremely successful outcomes. I highly recommend working with Carla as she is professional, personable and creative.” March 10, 2008

Diane Hanson, Owner , Delluva Vinotherapy Day Spa, NYC

“Carla has participated in all aspects of (studio) product development from standardizing and streamlining an artisan surface line to environmental assessment and improvements of these durable decorative surfaces. Her work enabled us to achieve high level production goals while upgrading the aesthetic aspects to the product. A true professional and a talented artist.” February 20, 2008

Catherine Barton, Corporate Business Development, Green Depot, NYC

“Carla is a creative and seemingly tireless worker who is personable as well as professional in her endeavors. She is serious with her work, both as an artist and craftsperson, but does not take herself too seriously. She will be a welcome addition to any studio or company” February 19, 2008

Dean Sickler, President, Dundean Studios, NJ

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